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Pink Floyd One Of My Turns Pink Floyd One Of My Turns

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I totally agree with RAWRRR, Dj-Rec0il and Tancrisism.

Pink Floyd Goodbye Blue Sky Pink Floyd Goodbye Blue Sky

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Pink Floyd was all about REAL instruments, and maybe some computer keyboards, too. So the MIDI was a fail. Don't ruin great music.

Pink Floyd - Mother (Cover) Pink Floyd - Mother (Cover)

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Man, please, don't destroy good music. It's the only real thing left in rock music.

Pink Floyd - Money (cover) Pink Floyd - Money (cover)

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Great solo! I can see that Gilmour has influenced you.

pink floyd - money pink floyd - money

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Choice.

This is music. Then, , they decided to call "rock" all the b******t.