New blog, up and running

2013-05-02 14:53:37 by MrMojoRisin5

Check out my new blog!!!
In this blog, I will upload stuff related to my channel, Stranger's channel and some random stuff too. Check it out!

New tutorial series up!

2013-04-27 16:45:00 by MrMojoRisin5

I finally found the time to make another series! This time, it's about how to make a sniper game, in A.S. 2.0. Enjoy!

New Flash Tutorial!

2012-12-29 09:28:35 by MrMojoRisin5

So, it's been a long time...I finally uploaded a new tutorial on my YouTube channel. Enjoy :)

Sniper Game - Work In Progress

2011-09-12 09:22:57 by MrMojoRisin5

Since I've dumped my old FPS project, I decided to start a new one. It's called LRKM, and it's a sniper game with stickmen.

New Game!

2011-06-25 10:22:50 by MrMojoRisin5

I'm working on a new FPS game called The Perimeter. It uses AS 2.0, 30 FPS; dimentions are 550x400.